Chipotle 4Heroes Campaign

For Chipotle we created a three-step application process and interface that connects essential workers on the ground during a disaster with free food and burritos from any Chipotle location.

Giving back to the community

Chipotle has continued to give back to the community through

Building on that existing foundation of community resources, the new donation application quickly connects essential workers including healthcare workers, utility workers, and others during natural disasters with discount codes they can instantly use at any Chipotle location.

After submitting some basic information about themselves or their team, the application instantly runs each application through a job verification service and then provides a variety of coupon code options depending on the size of the volunteer or essential worker team.

A simple and intuitive UX for volunteers on the ground during a disaster

The interface for donation applications can be used from any mobile device. This means that busy healthcare and other essential workers on the ground during a crises can get the warm food they need to feel supported and nourished.

By connecting the application 3rd-party API services for employment verification in addition to another API service to track coupon code delivery, we were able to help Chipotle quickly built a user experience that’s simple, intuitive and comforting.

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Published October 20, 2020