The majority of my work is focused on shipping continuously and quickly through an agile software methodology. This framework allows my clients and I to quickly adapt the design or code we're building according to the changing needs of the business.

Working as an agile software team allows us to efficiently leverage a client's existing profit centers without wasteful spending thanks to a laser focus on software quality and added value in terms of each milestone and task. After years of honing our agile methodologies and testing frameworks, we're able to achieve pixel perfect, cost-effective results more quickly than the majority of developers on the market.

My team and I deliver both large and complex redesign, migration and new build outs smaller projects. We're able to focus on small, iterative improvements or major changes in the same ways: by carefully tracking milestone groups and tasks to ensure added value and cost-effective delivery each step of the way to launch and final delivery.

When we first learn about a project we'll determine how to use the power of custom software development to either automate existing parts of a business or introduce new pieces of technology that generate new revenue. As we continue we take care of the technology, testing, delivery and growth portions of the business, our clients can focus on allowing their team's core competencies and competitive advantages to truly flourish.

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