Software startups take over your life

Software startups take over your life. This isn’t a bad thing. Rapidly growing a company including simultaneously building an incredibly skilled team, fundraising, and writing code requires laser focus and surgical allocation of time

It’s not a journey most are able to take. But if you do, meditating on your personal life is just as important as how you think about your company, team and product. 

Brad Feld is a legendary startup investor who is not only incredibly skilled from a technical and business perspective, he’s widely known for his ability to weave topics on philosophy, mental health and more into his past experience as a successful entrepreneur. His study of philosophy as it relates to work in startups is incredibly compelling, as is his unafraid approach to openly discussing his personal life.

Learning from the best, I hope to do even a small fraction of the same here. 

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Published September 18, 2022