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The narrative violations that turn early-stage startups into billion dollar businesses

Many investors consider themselves free-thinkers when it comes to sourcing potential investments but practicing that strategy is usually more difficult than it initially appears.

Technology and internet startups that break from popular trends and ways of thinking to build outsized returns can be thought of as narrative violations. Companies that challenge popular narratives through the use of hidden knowledge, strategy and skill can produce incredibly powerful results for investors making them highly sought after.

In the following examples, I’ll break down how each of these 5 startups, from early-stage to well-established, demonstrate narrative violations at multiple levels in the business. These lessons are valuable tools in a kit you can leverage your own company’s growth or investments.

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How to hire and attract “10x” engineering talent to your startup or business

Engineers who can manage periods of sprinting and planning to prioritize high-level business goals in tandem with technical requirements and best practices produce the type of “10x” output that makes many of the top software engineering companies in the United States so valuable today.

In this article, I’ll explain how to recruit people who I consider “10x” engineers (a phrase that’s a misnomer in the industry which I’ll discuss in future posts).

The most talented engineers at any company are usually those who are able to strategically weave business and technical objectives: a particularly important skill at early-stage software startups. These engineers also expand their coding knowledge through a mental reference library of tools and frameworks that allow them to code faster and more efficiently and they’re generally difficult to hire for a number of reasons.

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How to leverage Notion Databases & institutional knowledge to build skilled engineering teams

The most talented engineers building and coding software for the Internet and related industries today are in a constant state of learning, often with the benefit of beginner’s mindset.

While this can be an exhausting experience for most developers at the start of their career journey, as engineers we quickly learn how to automate and standardize parts of our professional and even personal lives to free up mental energy or time for learning or just living life.

Over time, this learning becomes associated with freeing up more of your time and effective results, which leads to an acceleration of learning and overall company growth in many cases.

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New Work: Milani Cosmetics eCommerce Development

Rebuilding a D2C eCommerce platform provides brands with incredible opportunities to both build technology into their business to solve long-standing obstacles and hone user experience with design and functionality that drives revenue, user engagement, order size, and repeat visits.

For Milani, our recent work included the development of a new eCommerce website based on a complete redesign in addition to the integration and communication of over 19 public and private Shopify applications.

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Mellow music for focus and relaxation at work during COVID-19

Working from home

Remote work has never been a simple system for any type of organization to adopt let alone during an unprecedented global pandemic. And while I’ve never been a fan of one-size-fits all professional advice for remote work, I believe that especially now there are small environmental factors within our control that can give us an extra boost of focus, calm, or peace whenever it’s most needed.

Whether we’re working from home or in a physical workspace, workers are facing unique challenges on scale we could never have previously conceived six months ago. To overcome these obstacles to ensure the success of themselves and their teams, workers and managers must continue to adapt in creative and non-traditional ways.

Getting into the flow

A friend recently reminded me of the power of music to relax our minds, to reset and recharge. Having worked and led teams remote for the last fifteen years, I’ve found that music is one of the focusing parts of my day if I find the right play list of mellow, focusing grooves.

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Working from home

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