On blogging and writing late night: Hello Again

I’m building a new startup in the SaaS space. I don’t work in public, but I will tell you that the company is called Codespeed and we’re working on something really big in the developer tools space.

Our addressable market is massive. It’s essentially any company that leverages code or software. Which, conveniently, has been eating the world exponentially for years as Marc Andreessen so famously said in the most legendary and historic tech essay of the 2010s (originally appearing in WSJ). In non-tech-history-jargon, what he means is that there are exponentially fewer and fewer businesses that do not leverage software in some way to get their products or services out the door, and in fact, I can’t think of any at all. Even the local hardware store uses some of the same point of sale software as Soho’s hottest boutiques. Incredibly high quality software is now finally universal and accessible. How cool is that?

Anyway, the point of this post is actually to demarcate my return to blogging. I’ve tried to start back up over and over again in recent years, but don’t get it twisted: I built my first custom blog in 2004! I was amused for years back then at how random posts of mine would hit the top of the search engine results pages on Google for random song titles, and other bits of pop culture, driving enormous amounts of traffic to me, ultimately helping me sell my first startup at age 14. (Really.) But now that domain is dead and gone, and the SEO lost to the ether!

So, as with many things, we begin anew. I’m going to continue to write most of these posts late night, when I need to throw some of the ideas knocking around in my head onto the screen so I can actually go to sleep! I have an enormous amount of intellectual energy piled up at the end of the day, and this, much like working out for me, does a good job at tiring me out.

I’ll be blogging here mostly about my work, but it will be mixed with a healthy number of amusing tangents and bits of color and context from my life as a professional software engineer since the age of 15. (Really.)

Oh, and I probably won’t edit this much as I get started and into a nice cadence.


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Published September 13, 2022