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Office on a sunny afternoon, empty tables and chairs
Office on a sunny afternoon, empty tables and chairs

Lara Littlefield is a remote engineering lead, full stack developer & entrepreneur. She’s also a product manager, UI & UX designer and business strategist based out of New York, NY & Boston, MA. For over 21 years Lara has solved business problems with web & mobile application design, development and growth for consumers and enterprise markets alike. She builds mission-critical software for clients such as Aol, Columbia University and many others in addition to her technology businesses in SaaS and related fields.

Lara transforms businesses with websites and custom technology that get her clients more customers and increase growth or profits, including projects for Aol., financial institutions, Columbia University, New York University, the hospitality industry, D2C ecommerce startups, and many other sectors.

In addition to her focus as an agency web and mobile engineer building marketing sites she also focuses on shipping consumer and enterprise applications. Lara also specializes in building custom SaaS and eCommerce applications and is the founder of multiple active SaaS businesses. Open source software is also an important part of the business value she is able to leverage during each development project for her clients.

Lara’s experience building websites began over 21 years ago when she both designed and developed an online creative game for kids her age that critically lacked data collection but allowed anyone to save their “sticker” based creations. She later developed the site into an offline app on CD and sold it internationally eventually “exiting” a few years later through a surprise acquirer. Her work continues with startups today both as a founder, mentor and advising adviser.

In addition to running her independent studio today she is also the Founder of New Basis: a small technology agency providing design, web development, marketing and consulting to clients in over 4 different time zones since 2006.

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My core values

My core professional values are simple: do great work for people who know the value of good design, elegant code and ethical software.

I accomplish this by discovering and translating customer needs into technology solutions that generate profits and challenge assumptions through fast, iterative, continuous development.

The standard process includes as much in-house or external support for testing all new technology as required to ship incredible products and experiences. A project is never considered done until it’s shipped, in the hands of users, and successfully delivering value.

A complete list of my areas of domain expertise, partner technology platforms, and other skills is located here. I practice a DRY engineering method and style to consistently reduce redundancy and automate and is agile, iterative, and modular overall.

My partner technologies include WordPress, Shopify, Node, Laravel and relational database architecture, plus Vue, React and Angular, PWAs, SPAs, cloud architecture, continuous deployment and many other technology stacks and methods need to build an deploy websites and apps from start to finish. The majority of my projects take a concept from an initial idea or sketch all the way through through skills honed over 100s of successful projects.

In addition to my “done for you” services I also provide both in-house and external consulting for software engineering and design teams focused around high-level technology decisions, developer happiness, and customer success.

Beyond software engineering my services also include marketing and design for existing development projects. Focusing on high-quality content, New Basis provides marketing that allows brands to grow and get more sales with evergreen content positioned for organic SEO.

I also help my marketing clients creatively and professionally navigate and negotiate the complex world of social influencer and social content trends and opportunities as well.

Having started my first professional design and engineering job at a remote agency in 2004, later moving on to found many of my own fully distributed companies, I also enjoy writing about the benefits and challenges of remote work in a variety of organizational settings.

More about Lara Littlefield

After founding prior ventures and her agency in 2006 Littlefield opened the first New York office for New Basis in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan in 2011. Later in 2012 she launched her second consumer startup based around a unique social experience for luxury fashion eCommerce.

In 2014 she launched Simmer for anyone who wants to build a business or livelihood teaching others how to feed themselves and others. Simmer is a WordPress plugin for recipe content that allows brands to expand their reach through higher-quality content, mobile-first UX and structured data for search engine discovery. Simmer also includes a managed WordPress cloud hosting platform. The plugin is currently localized in over 180+ world languages and has 1,000s of active installations.

In addition to her work at New Basis since 2006, Lara has been an adviser to multiple early-stage, venture-backed and bootstrapped startups in advertising and publishing, retail, real estate, fashion, health, fitness, and financial tech spaces for the web, iOS and Android since 2008.

Lara also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College at Columbia University in the City of New York in Economics and History with a thesis on the role of disinformation operations on social networks and other online communities by state actors, later contributing her experience on these topics to the United States Department of Defense in 2015.

She also enjoys organizing software and technical spaces for underrepresented groups and was a co-organizer for WordCamp Boston and volunteer for WordCamp US. Lara mentors early stage women and black-owned businesses with advice around technology, recruitment, product, fundraising, management and growth decisions.

Her work has been mentioned or featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Foreign Policy Magazine.

When not coding or designing, she enjoys backpacking the 4,000′ peaks of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, cooking, baking, pizza (which always deserves its own category), and time with friends. She also once performed in Lincoln Center at Alice Tully Hall in Manhattan at a single sold-out Saturday night show alongside her former fellow dance company members. In her free time online she also builds 3D mesh models and texturing and constructs original virtual reality experiences.

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You can also learn more about my ideas on the most important technology & software concepts shaping history & modern business on my blog. I think a lot about what leadership for high-impact design and engineering teams looks like, complex software systems, and ethics in software development.

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